Best Jump Starter Guide 2024

July 17, 2024


Category: Maintenance & Cleaning

Schumacher BT-100 100 amp Battery Load Tester

The Schumacher BT-100 100 amp Battery Load Tester is a low cost diagnostic tool from one of the top automotive electronics companies. Every home mechanic needs a battery load tester in his garage. The best

The Slime 12 volt digital air compressor is another long time best seller on Amazon. It has just reached it’s 10 year anniversary for availability on Amazon and given it’s rank is still selling by

The Schumacher Electric Corp has been making top notch products for better than 65 years and the Speedcharge 1200A battery charger continues the tradition. For many of those years they have been making a best

This page will provide a review of the VIAIR 150 PSI High-Flow Air Source on board mounted air compressor. This is designed to provide compressed air to power your air horns as well as normal,

This page will provide a review of the LifeLine AAA 300 PSI 12 Volt DC Air Compressor as well as give you a feature list and buyer’s guide. While I have made my feelings known

Have you ever bought a $19.95 portable air compressor and found out it is a piece of junk just at the most inopportune time? I am extremely frugal and have gone down this road. Unfortunately,

Schumacher SEM-1562A 1.5 Amp Speed Charge Maintainer Sponsored: Looking for an alternative to the Battery Tender? Here is a battery charger/ maintainer that is not only an inexpensive alternative but is a great product in

Equus INNOVA 3320 Multimeter How often do you need a multimeter? If you are like most people who like to handle their own projects around the house, those occasions are probably rare. The fact is

The Stanley J5C09 500-Amp Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor is our second choice for a battery jump starter. While it does not have the power of the Clore JNC 660, it does offer

For our 3rd product review we are looking at the Schumacher SC-600A SpeedCharge Battery Charger. We are putting this 3rd because it is the best choice if you cannot or do not want to pay