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July 17, 2024


YITAMOTOR Curved 300w 52 Inch Off road Led Light Bar

YITAMOTOR Curved 300w 52 inch Off road Led Light Bar mounted

The YITAMOTOR Curved 300w 52 inch Off road Led Light Bar is a higher end, super bright light bar.  This review will help you decide if you should invest your hard earned money or move on.  Please read on before you invest as there are some concerns.


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What Are The Features Of The YITAMOTOR Curved 300w 52 Inch Off Road Led Light Bar?

YITAMOTOR Curved 300w 52 inch Off road Led Light Bar

What do you get with your purchase?  Here is the list from the manufacturer:

  • Package included: One Piece 300W Curved Offroad LED Light Bar+wiring
  • Water proof:IP68, Life Span: 50,000hours, Operating Voltage: DC 9V~60V, Combo (12Flood+76Spot+12Flood), Color temperature: HID White (6000K)
  • Dimension: 1367 mm X 115 mm X 85mm/53.82″x4.53″x3.35″(including brackets)
  • Where To Use: SUV, 4WD, Jeep, Truck, Pickup, Tractor, Boat, Bus,Sport Utility, UTE, ATV, ect.
  • US Based Company, Specialized in LED Lights. You are buying directly from the MANUFACTUER!100% Satisfaction Guranteed!Free shipping & Fast Delivery. Fedex Home delivery for 48 continental states. Normally, you will get them in 3-5 working days.

You get everything you need with the YITAMOTOR Curved 300w 52 inch Off road Led Light Bar as long as the included brackets work for whatever vehicle you are mounting the light bar on.  Many buyers mentioned that they needed to purchase different brackets.  That is not unusual in that they will be mounted on bumpers, roofs, roll bars and on trucks, ATVs, boats and tractors.

Are the LED light bars truly waterproof?  This will need its own section so we will hold off on the discussion until the next paragraph.

Everything else with the Yitamotor is as expected and does work as advertised.

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Should You Buy The YITAMOTOR Curved 300w 52 inch Off road Led Light Bar?

We cannot give an unqualified yes to this product.  After reading blogs and customer feedback, we find that there are strong opinions both ways about these light bars.  By a vast majority, the comments are positive.  The few negatives were about whether or not they are actually waterproof.

Some buyers as a normal course of action when they buy LED light bars put a small bead of waterproof silicone around each light.  This insures that they indeed will be waterproof.  As fun as this sounds, this is not my favorite YITAMOTOR Curved 300w 52 inch Off road Led Light Bar mountedthing to do on a Saturday afternoon.  Is it really necessary?

There is actually a drain feature built in that will run water away from the lights when installed properly.  This seems to be one of the major areas of disagreement.  People who have had no water problems telling people who have had water problems that they installed the light bar incorrectly.  Despite extensive reading, I have not found a satisfactory answer.

What Is The Verdict On The YITAMOTOR Curved 300w 52 inch Off road Led Light Bar?

Here is the bottom line from my perspective.  Every light bar I have reviewed and/ or owned has the potential to leak.  As much as I don’t like doing it, I put a bead of silicone around every light every time and have never had a leak.  So the bottom line in my book is that these are exceptional LED Light bars and worth a serious look.