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July 17, 2024


Slime 20016 Digital Tire Gauge With Lighted Tip

Slime 20016 Tire Guage

Slime 20016 Tire GuageThe Slime 20016 Digital Tire Gauge With Lighted Tip is another tire gauge for us to review.  Is it just another tire gauge?  You will want to read our review to find out if it is worth keeping in your car or garage.  We promise.


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What Are The Features Of The Slime 20016 Digital Tire Gauge With Lighted Tip?

On paper, this is a pretty cool little pressure gauge.  You get:

  • LCD easy to read display
  • Auto shut off for battery life extension and a reset button for quick multiple tire readings
  • Made with an ergonomic rubberized grip for comfort
  • Green translucent lighted tip and backlight for night use.

Everything on the 20016 works as advertised. The LCD is large enough to easily read.  Since it is backlit, it also is visible in the dark  This is a very nice feature in a tire pressure gauge.

The auto shut off and reset features are also nice to have.  The auto shut off helps extend battery life (more on this later) and you don’t need to reset the gauge every time you want to check another tire.  It is also very comfortable to use.

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Should You Buy The Slime 20016 Tire Gauge?

This review is one of our shortest on this website.  From a functional standpoint you can’t go wrong with the Slime 20016 Digital Tire Gauge.  It does perform as advertised.  What we found with deeper research is quite a few questions about replacing the batteries.  This is odd because with most products we review, batteries are rarely even mentioned.

It took some digging, but here is the reason there are so many questions.  When you remove the battery cover, you find two common button batteries.  Once you replace them, you think your work is done.  You will want to think again because you need to flip the Slime over and dump the innards out.  Once you do that, you will find two more button batteries that will need to be replaced.

There were several people that commented about this by saying why would you go to all that work?  Just throw it away and buy another one.  That just doesn’t work for us.  When we buy a toll it is not with the idea of throwing it out down the road.  This is a personal bias so it may not be an issue for you.

We would not add this digital tire to our garage for this reason.  You may not concur but that is what makes the world go around.

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