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July 17, 2024


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VacLife Portable Air compressor


Why is it that we can put a man on the moon but we cannot make tires that hold air? Nitrogen has improved the situation but can be a pain and also there is the

The Schumacher BT-100 100 amp Battery Load Tester is a low cost diagnostic tool from one of the top automotive electronics companies. Every home mechanic needs a battery load tester in his garage. The best

The ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter is a portable 12v power inverter that will allow you to plug in any number of electronic devices as well as charge tablets and phones through USB ports.

The Slime 12 volt digital air compressor is another long time best seller on Amazon. It has just reached it’s 10 year anniversary for availability on Amazon and given it’s rank is still selling by

If you have ever done a search for any type of engine block or oil pan heater, then you have heard of Kat’s. They make a large line of products intended to assist people who

The Schumacher Electric Corp has been making top notch products for better than 65 years and the Speedcharge 1200A battery charger continues the tradition. For many of those years they have been making a best

When you are looking for a lightweight way to add air to your tires, should you look at the Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator? We have here a review of a small, powerful

This page will present a review of the Nilight Led Pods 2 X 18w 1260lm Cree Spot Led Work Light Bar. There are many options available in this category so why is this consistently one

This page will give you a review of the PowerAll Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter, which is an alternative to the Clore JNC300, tested elsewhere on this website. It does cost a little

This page will provide a review of the VIAIR 150 PSI High-Flow Air Source on board mounted air compressor. This is designed to provide compressed air to power your air horns as well as normal,