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April 16, 2024



AAA Haevy Duty Booster cablesThis page will review the AAA Heavy Duty Booster Cables and give a summary of the features and benefits.  While most of is dedicated to various battery jump starters and chargers, for some people a good old fashioned set of jumper cables kept in the trunk is sufficient to allay their fear of being stranded with a dead battery.  To learn how to properly jump start your car visit our training page.

Get The Lowest Price On AAA Heavy Duty 16′ 6 Gauge Booster Cable

What are the Features of The AAA 6 Gauge Jumpers?

  • Cables are Heavy Duty which delivers 100 percent more power than light duty cables
  • Cables are extra long at 16-foot
  • Fits top and side post battery terminals
  • Quality rubber insulation
  • 400-Ampere color coded clamps

While AAA also sells other gauge jumper cables, this heavy duty 6 gauge version will provide plenty of protection as well as power to jump start even the largest passenger vehicles. Get The Lowest Price On AAA Heavy Duty 16′ 6 Gauge Booster Cable  They also have 16 feet of reach which will come in handy when you have parked in an inconvenient place.

I will admit that I do get annoyed with the small, side mounted terminals but they are a fact these days.  You need to be certain that your cables have the proper clamps to grab both top and side terminals.  The AAA 4326AAA has you covered.  The insulation that comes on the cables is another safety feature that may save a life.

So How Do They Work In The Real World?

One of the things that I like about jumper cables is their simplicity.  You can read reviews on this website about many technologically advanced automotive products that will make your life easier.  While most of them are well made and will give years of service, they do sometimes break.  In the case of battery jump starters, you can forget to charge it and find it dead when you need it for your already dead battery.

Get The Lowest Price On AAA Heavy Duty 16′ 6 Gauge Booster Cable

A good set of jumper cables will last a lifetime and always be ready when you need them  They are certainly not as sexy as some of the other products we have reviewed, but they work today and will work ten years from now when you need them.

If you are looking for a full on battery jump starter, please check out the Clore JNC660.

While you may find lower priced jumper cables, the AAA Heavy Duty Booster Cables reviewed here will not only jump start just about any vehicle, they will most likely give you a lifetime of use.  I still have and use my first set of jumpers that I bought over 30 years ago.  After trying these out, I believe you can get the same kind of service out of these.

Get The Lowest Price On AAA Heavy Duty 16′ 6 Gauge Booster Cable

What Do Others Say About The AAA 16′ 6 Gauge Boosters?

Clamping makes a huge difference

By Handyman

I was about to buy the Cole’s heavy duty booster cable until I read one of the reviewers mention that its clamping jaws do NOT close enough for use with smaller batteries (such as motorcycle batteries).

So I bought this one from AAA instead. I am glad to say the clamps do close tightly (unlike the Cole’s which leave a small gap in between). The quality is just as good as the other more expensive ones.

Very satisfied with this AAA booster…Read More

Stuck between parked cars? No problem!

By Junglebellows

The morning after my booster cables arrived, I get a frantic call from a friend whose car was dead in a parking deck. There were cars parked on either side of his car, so I couldn’t pull up next to his car. To complicate matters, it was that time of the morning when most cars were leaving the parking deck, so we nixed the idea of putting the car in neutral and pushing it back close to my parked car since that would obstruct the flow of traffic. I then suggested that we try connecting the cables even with an SUV parked between our two cars, even though I didn’t believe that it was long enough. WONDER OF WONDERS! IT WORKED! In just two minutes, my friend was able to start his car, pledge his eternal gratitude (to the cables, not to me), and leave for work. As for me, I got a live demonstration of a fine piece of equipment that I own. And you, dear reader, have just read a review from another satisfied customer who wants you to take the right decision when considering buying options for booster cables.  Read More

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